Equally enchanted by the myths of Michael Jackson and those of Bastet, MTV’s Cribs and the houses of spirits, the British artist Isaac Lythgoe brings them all together through the exiting use of diverse sculptural materials and appropriations.

The jade idol remains beyond grasp. It exist here and now and you touch it and you think you are there. Yet that is but one of its facets, a sort of flattening out of a wild wretched flower between instruments. What you feel but cannot grasp is the way its structure reaches across systems of worship, complex alliances of bacteria and machines. Soon it has accumulated mass beyond any black hole’s ambitions. Its green thievery fights with its own shadow, leaves bloodstains in the carpet, sound of a crescendo, builds wonderland on a lonely lie. Where does that leave you? A thin slice of slipping on sleepy sights.


Image from artist website, artviewer, mousse magazine, ofluxo and exo exo

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