The cancellation of the 2020 edition of the Salone del Mobile and, consequently, of the Milano Design Week, has created a gap, difficult for designers and companies to fill. Despite the crisis the organizers of Isola Design District have never stopped and in recent weeks have started a process of digitization of the event: The aim is, as always, to highlight the designers of their community with new digital services. The new platform will be online in mid-June and will be launched together with a program of live streaming events from June 16 to 21, the same dates when Milan Design Week was supposed to be held this year.
There will be 4 new sections on the website: Isola Design Community, Isola Design Magazine, Isola Digital District, Isola Virtual Locations:



Isola Design Community
Here, designers and design studios can create their own page uploading bio, projects, photos and videos, to show them online all year round and virtually meet their future clients, buyers, partners and fans through a direct messaging tool. The Isola Design District’s curatorial team is already selecting the designers who will become active members of the community, in order to guarantee from the beginning contents that are coherent with the district’s themes and high quality.

Isola Design Magazine
To keep up-to-date with all the latest news from the district and the world of design in general, users can access to an evolved version of the previous Isola Design District blog. The contents will be the result of the work of the editorial team, but also of a selection of media partners and designers, who will deal with topics such as innovation, circular economy and bio materials.

Isola Digital District
A truly digital version of the Isola district, redesigned to be easily usable, through an animated graphic interface that will engage users. With a simple click on a building or object, it will be possible to access a series of different types of content, such as virtual reality exhibitions, live streaming events and webinars, design e-stores, a do-it-yourself restaurant, partners’ initiatives and much more, including a game! Designers will be able present their projects in preview within the virtual exhibitions, but also to organize product launches and sell their pieces online.
By doing so, on one hand the organizers took advantage of different technological tools integrated with each other, but on the other hand they are still somehow linked to the territory where the project was born, continuing to promote the city of Milan, the Isola district and the local realities.

Isola Virtual Locations
Finally, designers, brands and companies will be able to create their own virtual headquarters and organize exhibitions or installations in 3D. The first space to be present on the platform will be an imaginary abandoned factory, which will host the Isola Virtual Exhibition: a collective exhibition curated by the Isola Design District. Inside, the designers will be able to present their works in preview and let the users know about them, indeed the users themselves will have the possibility to navigate through the areas of the location and interact with the exhibited pieces to discover new contents, such as all the details of a product and of who designed it, but also to buy online through the e-stores on the platform.

The initiative will not replace the physical event, but rather will be an integral part of it, thanks to a long-term development plan that includes additional digital services and will allow designers, companies and partners who will be part of the project to have greater visibility throughout the year, from laptops, smartphones and tablets.
In June, during the platform launch, from Isola Digital District it will be possible to access an entire building that will fill its apartments with all kinds of initiatives: from aperitifs with live music to cooking classes, from theatrical performances to dj sets by international artists, all obviously organized at home!

To discover the new platform, just follow @isoladesigndistrict on Facebook
and Instagram or visit directly to from June 16!


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