Graciela Iturbide is an acclaimed Mexican photographer living and working in Mexico City. Her son Mauricio Rocha, whose father was Mexican architect Manuel Rocha Diaz, together with Gabriela Carrillo founded the Taller de Arquitectura Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo. The Taller helped to create a studio space for Iturbide, just a few steps away from her home in Barrio del Niño Jesús, Mexico City.



The work of  Taller de Arquitectura approaches architecture in a conscious way, attempting “to provide a response to the place in which we live, our places, our economic and social situations” and to “translate the traditions and materials of the places in which we operate in a contemporary way, not through fashionable forms or fireworks, but with silence, space, the experience of emptiness”, as they explained in an interview with Interni.

The studio created for Iturbide is the evident result of their approach, a three storey building in which the use of exposed bricks simultaneously offer warmth and the experience of emptiness. The material changes its formal quality depending on its usage, from a herringbone floor to interlocking walls, the studio of bricks is aesthetically harmonious, thanks to its detailed design.


All images © Rafael Gamo

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