Jose Dávila was born in Guadalajara in 1974, where he currently lives and works. His artistic practice is “located in the boundaries of the homage, imitation and critique…”, interested in Western culture, his art has a strong focus on Architecture and Art History.

He is a self-taught artist and the creatives that inspire him are Donald Judd, Jannis Kounnellis and Sol LeWitt. His work goes beyond shapes and contents, his installations, sculptures and object create “tautological games” that question “the limits of instrumental values through the use of common materials…” Minimalism and Arte Povera play a fundamental role in the principles of his pieces, Jose is also interested in the use and occupation of space, he said: “There is something poetic in failure and in our limitations, because we live with a modernism that is not preserved, where we see buildings that have abandoned or demolished and others have been badly remodeled.”

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