Hechingen Studio is a project by James Whitaker, that visualized an office made of angled shipping containers, emerging like a starburst from the ground. Now the project will be built in the Californian desert as The Joshua Tree Residence: a film producer ended up hiring Whitaker to create a holiday dwelling for his remote property.

The home will be situated on a sloped site, every block is oriented to maximise the view across the landscape or to contribute to the privacy of each room. The house is powered exclusively by solar energy. Whitaker has envisioned an ‘exoskeleton’ made of shipping containers painted bright white. The containers appear like a starburst, with cuboid forms pushing out in all directions. The home will be lifted off the ground by concrete columns. Encompassing 2,153 square feet (200 square metres), the dwelling will contain a living room, kitchen, dining area and three bedrooms. Renderings show a stark interior with concrete flooring, white walls and minimal decor, including furniture made of plywood and Misfits seating by Ron Arad.

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