Founded in 2011 in Surat, India, Neogenesis+Studi0261 is “a dynamic and evolving practice with a commitment to the inherent value of design to enhance the quality of life at all levels of exposure.”

One potential problem of living in a suburban city is the lack of gardening space and greenery. For Jungalow House, located in the Indian coastline city of Surat, Neogenesis+Studi0261 have brought the outdoors in, designing the home around a glass-glazed courtyard. Designed for an agriculturalist and his family, the studio fulfilled the client’s wish to inhabit an urban location while remaining in touch with nature. The site is surrounded by homes so the architects decided to incorporates a void which stretch the entire height of the home; acting as courtyard inside the home, at its top, circular windows allow natural light to enter from above. The stone flooring and plastered walls contrast with the warm timber details and furniture and an abundance of greenery and creepers maintain an uninterrupted relationship between the space and nature.


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