KAIKU Living Color

Based in London, with roots in the US and Sweden, Nicole Stjernswärd defines herself a design technologist. Her experience extends across the fields of design engineering, architecture, and product design. Her work focuses on sustainable practices for society and the environment. Nicole firmly believes in innovation fostered through interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists, researchers, and designers. KAIKU Living Color is one of her project, a sustainable alternative to color made from petroleum. Colors in most consumer products are derived from petrochemicals, and as we start to scrutinize everything for its sustainability, pigments are due for change.


Historically color came from plants and minerals, but with the onset of industrialization, cheap petrochemical colors became the norm, at huge environmental cost. To avoid further ecological devastation, KAIKU uses plant waste to create natural powder pigments. Many plants and fruits we eat every day, such as avocados, onions, and oranges, have valuable colors within their skins and peels. Normally these are left to rot in landfills, but KAIKU transforms this waste into a high value resource.

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