Combining her training as an anthropologist and the multivocal approach of art, Canadian artist Kapwani Kiwanga searches for the meeting points between objects’ formal qualities and the complex social histories they embody.

We should always ask ourselves how did plants experienced any given historical event. Placed in vases, together with former sworn enemies in the fight for sun and earth, what did they make of the spoken celebratory speeches? What did independence and freedom meant now that they were uprooted? Similarly you could organize a congress of thunders and let them debate or climb towards the sonar range and look for echoes of the promised future, the unshackled one. It all springs from the same humming, vibrations that know how objects give birth to children, and some colors vocalize torture, others calmness.


Images by Gallery Jerome Poggi and Gallery Tanja Wagner

All Rights reserved to Kapwani Kiwanga

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