Kiasmo is an Italian company founded in 2011 by Mauro Melissano (CEO), Francesco Maggiore (creative director) and Vincenzo D’Alba (architect, designer). The brand is characterized by their special expertise and an absolute devotion to the project. The fields of interests are architecture, art, design and fashion and the name kiasmo symbolizes the intersection between them. They are a qualified company located in Ruffano(Lecce), in the heart of Salento;  this is an important aspect for the brand’s philosophy and production, since it allows to collect important stimuli from the extraordinary Mediterranean culture. Their production methods are characterized by an absolute style, timeless, in line with the highest manufacturing and handicraft traditions of Italy.

Kiasmo becomes a recognizable brand both in the expressive values and functions of the artifacts; the company acknowledges the great historical and artistic heritage, not only Italian, as an essential value for the design and construction of new works and artifacts. Their production is organized by series of works: each of the four sectors contain within itself a collection of works divided into thematic series. The production includes craft and industrial works, unique and serial. The collections are distinguished by a rational use of natural materials. Even the headquarters of the company mirrors, in its architectural dimension, the elements and values of the Kiasmo corporate culture. Visit their website to find out more!


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