Taylor and Hinds is an award winning Tasmanian based architecture practice, founded by Poppy Taylor and Mat Hinds in 2013. They design “livable, functional, and memorable environments for people…” They seek particular, high quality architectural responses to each site, and to the specific needs of each commission. They also offer expertise across the range of architectural practice and building scale, including feasibility, master-planning, design documentation and contract administration.

In 2017 the studio completed Krakani Lumi, a resting place in a standing camp within the wukalina/Mt William National Park. Designed over a number of years by the award-winning Hobart firm, the wukalina project was developed in close conversation with the indigenous owners of the land (Tasmania’s palawa people), and the Aboriginal Land Council. The camp sits at the northern end of the spectacular Bay of Fires and serves as a stop-over point for a four-day tour. The wukalina walk is an Aboriginal owned and operated guided walk that takes visitors around the larapuna and wukalina areas. It is designed as a cultural experience where walkers will experience the landscape through the culture and history of the palawa people. Inspired by siting, materials and traditional half-domed forms of ancient Tasmanian Aboriginal shelter, the resting place is characterized by traditional interiors, held together by a detailed charred timber clad exterior.  When not in use, the exterior conceals and protects the experience of the rich timber interior and becomes a shadow against the coastal banksia that surrounds the site.


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