L4 House is a summer house built by Luciano Kruk Arquitectos and located on the Costa Esmeralda, thirteen kilometers north off the city of Pinamar and four hours away from Buenos Aires.

The lot, an almost virgin sand dune, is occupied by a line of maritime pines and it slowly descends longitudinally in a soft slant toward the sea. Concrete is the main material, it stays in good conditions for a long time and its color and texture establish a harmonious dialogue with the place’s natural surroundings. In order to create a contrast for the senses, the house entrance goes from a dark semi covered space, through a narrow staircase enclosed by blind exposed concrete walls and, finally, into an open bright area: the main floor. The central hall would house the social activities that are divided by a stairway going up to the rooftop, separating the kitchen and dining area on one side, and the living room on the other.  The bedrooms –and their bathrooms– are located at the four corners of the plan to give every room as much privacy as possible. The upper floor is designed to enjoy the view and the surrounding environment: covered by a wooden deck, it is equipped with a shower area and two adjacent swimming pools. More on their website!

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