YH2 is an architectural design firm founded in 1994 by architects Marie-Claude Hamelin and Loukas Yiacouvakis. The practice is not simply finding a functional solution to a given problem, for YH2 architecture is a creative and transformative tool to approach the spaces we inhabit every day, to reinvent reality. For every project, the focus is not only on form and essence, but also on the meaning of each element of the program.

In 2015 YH2 renovated a lumberjack’s storage space to create a three-floors forest refuge. The renovation inspired itself from the natural growth of trees: the footprint of the building remained untouched while it grows vertically developing an aerial volume. The exterior volume is covered in dark cedar; while the interior is painted all in white. “Materials and structure of the previous phase are kept and uninterrupted so that the addition acts as an extension rather than an insertion…On the last floor, an exterior covered terrace acts as white perch from where one can admire the surroundings.”


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