Munich born Nick Frank started to work in advertising from 1997 until 2013 when he became a full time photographer. With this change he marked a strong start in a new direction. His photographs can be found in numerous publications. He also won an award as Fine Art Photographer.

His first job was as a graphic designer, before becoming Creative and Design Director at an international advertising agency. His own idea about advertising is essentially to remove unwanted objects until the essence of what you want the viewer to see/understand becomes visible. This is also his approach to photography. He now dedicates his time and creative mind to the realization of his own pictorial ideas.

Within the scope of large scale photography he wants to express and show the great numbers that surround us. In this brand new project called Large Scale, he has focused his shots on repetition and connection. From a concert hall to an IBM server bunker he deals with the issue of externalize individuality and attention. His photographic philosophy? “The reality of which we can speak is never the reality itself, but a reality designed by us”.



All Rights reserved to Nick Frank

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