LETNÁ APARTMENT, from multi-room to open-space

How do you create an open space out of a large multi-room apartment? Markéta Bromová architektipreviously on WeVux with the Weekend Apartment – started by cleaning the whole space and using the existing structural and technical parameters of the apartment, exposing the reinforced concrete ceiling structure with ribs.

Markéta Bromová says about the project: “The supporting theme of the concept was the choice of flooring, which was supposed to be uniform throughout the apartment, including in the bathrooms and shower spaces. One of the options was a terrazzo floor but after a static analysis, the client and I decided on a brushed concrete screed.”



“The second theme of the concept is the insertion of “boxes” into the open space, so that the rooms are separated from each other. In this way the private part of the apartment is separated from the residential part. The inserted boxes are made of different materials and structures. The main dividing element of the space is a green scalloped box that hides part of the kitchen with a fridge, dishwasher or built-in oven, wardrobes in the bedroom or also a closet at the entrance. The client wanted as few doors as possible.” continues the architect.

The central space of Letná apartment is the kitchen with a solid concrete countertop island lined with patinated brass panels. The bedroom is located behind the green box. Here, there is a pass-through library that leads to the bathroom. The other half of the apartment is without any divisions or partitions, there is space for a dining room with a living area and also a small bathroom where a guest toilet is present.

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Photography Veronika Raffajová
Original text Markéta Bromová


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