Leterme Dowling is a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio based in the United Kingdom. Focused on the fields of branding and design, they work for clients as diverse as investments companies, app, newspapers and universities.

One of their project consists in an inspirational book collection that gathers different styles and typologies of logo. The books are published by Counter-Print and the collection is composed by six volumes that categorize different logos from around the world:

  • Monogram Logo: Monograms & Ciphers (now sold out)
  • Human Logo: Trademarks & Symbols
  • Animal Logo: Trademarks & Symbols
  • Alphabet Logo: Trademarks & Symbols
  • Nature Logo: Trademarks & Symbols
  • Abstract Logo: Trademarks & Symbols

Visit Leterme Dowling’s page to see more about the collection!


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