FEW THINGS_Lucia Dell’Orto

Lucia Dell’Orto is a pop-conceptual artist; her artistic production is intended to create a dialogue between two different but necessary worlds: the unalterability of a fast, technological and impersonal present with memory, which gives value and significance to our lives. In December 2015 she had her first solo exhibition at ARTIFACT Gallery in Manhattan (NYC).

Concurrently with the 57th Venice International Art Biennale opening, Lucia Dell’Orto will be present with her solo exhibition FEW THINGS at the Caos Art Gallery – 15th to 30th September 2017. The exhibition, promoted by GROUP 1063 in collaboration with ANISA MILANO, presents a selection of assemblage / collage including three unpublished works and a unique installation that occupies entirely one of the two halls of the exhibition space.

“Through the dialogue between ancient objects of the twentieth century and the most modern plastics, Lucia Dell’Orto’s works highlight the accurate research of the artist to investigate the harmonies and tensions in the relationship between the individual and the universe. This bond between ancient and contemporary involves the suturing of a time and a space invaded by invisible yet palpable forces, where the artist builds intimate scenes, where it is possible to perceive a conscious attention.”


All Rights Reserved to Lucia Dell’Orto

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