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Giuseppe is an expert traveller – “I have visited the whole planet – not all the countries but all the continents – diving into and trekking in the bases of the highest valleys in the world. I have visited unusual and difficult-to-reach places, paid off by unmatched experiences.” WeVux will share with you some of those experiences through Giuseppe’s photo reportages; the first stop is Mali.

Few years ago Mali was the most visited country in western Africa. Nowadays smugglers have replaced the “Festival au déserte” in Timbouctou, the French Army is trying to keep insurgency under control and hundreds of refugees cross the sands in order to reach their gateway to heaven ( hell?) beyond the sea. Tourism is over down there and it is a real shame: most of the territory is safe, people are more friendly and welcoming than ever and the feeling to have the whole country just for yourself is awesome!

Beautiful ancient mosques (but only muslim people are allowed inside), colorful markets, stunning landscapes, villages along the rivers, animism and the Pays Dogon: painted, deliciously sunny and with the right balance of challenge; choosing Mali as a destination will be highly rewarding.


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