SelgasCano is an architectural partnership between José Selgas and Lucía Cano. After the 2015’s colourful plastic-wrapped Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, they recently designed their first intervention in France, a vast pavilion of translucent waves that fills the courtyard of the Fondation d’entreprise Martell in Cognac.

Spread across 1,340 sqm, the pavilion is made up of 31 rows of undulating steel structures covered with a sheer translucent polyester and fibreglass material developed by French brand Onduline. Underneath the structures, 786 yellow PVC cushions filled with water anchor the structures to the ground while also providing places for people to sit or lie down.

Described by SelgasCano as “a vast paper forest which you could enter, walk around and get lost in… Lightness has been a constant and integral aspect of our work, and we saw this project as a unique possibility to experiment and explore that concept further…” The pavilion is designed to house specific activities, events and performance-based experiences at the foundation.


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