The sculptural vocabulary of Japanese artist Masatoshi Noguchi is rich with the splendor of objects and the invisible energies of the spiritual. His latest work is a reflection on the impossibility of constraining a dragon to one shape.

Compel the initiate towards recklessness by any illusions necessary. Recite the memorized figures of burning bliss, tell of a snaking shape continued in the reflection of a mirror. A riddle could be offered: the burning bridge, the leaking hurricane under containment and its hunger assuaged with sacrificial cornea. In each rhymed twist a deferral of materialization. The initiate pilots the miniaturized tectonic plate across tar skies and in doing so reenacts the mysteries of the serpentine exodus. Transmission of the flower is to be carried out without geometrical pollution, if in doubt consult the examples of the mummified engine or the elusive polyphony of the great-ocean-possessor. 


All Rights reserved to Masatoshi Noguchi

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