Massimo Colonna is an Italian digital artist, born in 1986. His images, photos and render are characterized by a personal surreal and minimal style. In this article you will find two of his projects, Ambiguous and Gravity.

Ambiguous is a series of four images outlined by minimal open-air architectures, inspired by exotic landscapes and warm places. “The subject in these images are different elements characterized by their own presence that begins, continues and ends at the same time. A cat, a statue, a ladder and a hanging sheet come into contact with the places that “cross” in an ambiguous way. Unclear is their origin or function, uncertain is the destination. The answer is ambiguous.”

For Gravity, Massimo took inspiration from familiar architectural motifs like the arch and the classical Italian landscape with Tuscan pencil pines. In this series there is a feeling of permanence and quiet solitude interrupted by the presence of the feather-light solitary balloon, the bouncing basketball or the paper planes flying in formation. With their lightness and movement, in contrast to their static surrounds, we’re left feeling contemplative and appreciative of the beauty of these most ordinary objects.

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