Frederic Chabot (aka Mathieu Connery) practiced urban art for over 10 years, achieving personal and collective murals in different parts of Montreal and Canada. He has recently focused on atypical mural projects: he realizes his works on textured and aged walls on which he incorporates geometric works. He often returns to the location and adds to the work over time and weather.

He produced a series of interventions on the sidewalks of the Boulevard Saint-Laurent, which can be viewed from all angles and vaguely reminiscent of children’s playgrounds. His style is abstract but is confronted with a radical figuration, by the optical illusion that transforms abstract shapes in 3D representations. All his works stem from a desire to integrate the work of painting to the environment in many different and extreme ways. Either through the appropriation of the place or through its modification.


All Rights Reserved to Mathieu Connery

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