Mauricio Limón (Mexico) explores societal issues such as desire structures and artifices of power by employing audiovisual media, anthropological research and re-purposed modernistic styles. There is a conscious use of fragmentation, disassociation and dislocation in order to look for overarching structures hidden in simple gestures and seemingly empty landscapes.

Dispersal and obfuscation scalpel-sharp. They open the silence of oceans inviting like wounds. Corralling meaning, exorcising its poisonous insinuation of a presence. What is there but drifting, disavowed screams bouncing off randomly and in the in between spaces finding resonances, a makeshift unison deriving foreboding chants? Condemned to be wanted by want, offered shackles velvetly comforting. In desertical liquid currencies gestures will be born, will be vessels that will crack. The intensities and forked lightnings of force passing through everything, vaguely insinuated in the contours of shivering as this revolt-like body lays to rest.


All Rights reserved to Mauricio Limón

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