California-based designer Melanie Abrantes uses traditional techniques to create functional and ecologically sustainable design pieces for the home. She believes that in order to create something beautiful, you have to get your hands dirty. Melanie founded her company Melanie Abrantes Designs in 2013 when she realized there was a growing American market for handmade goods.

Through the technique of lathing, she turns simple pieces of solid wood and cork into one-of-a-kind bowls, plates, cups and stands. Passionate for woodworking, in the studio she researches, tests and adapts the product to its user, resulting in a simple, yet unique high quality object. In addition to her design work, Melanie has recently released a book called Carve — this guide to whittling brings an age-old pastime to the modern realm. With the book comes a dozen projects and she also sells the tools for you to undertake them with.


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