Es Devlin is an artist and stage designer. She is known for creating large-scale performative sculptures and environments that fuse with music, language and light. She has conceived touring stage for Beyoncé, U2, Adele, among others, as well as two decades of opera, drama and dance worldwide. One of her latest installation is Memory Palace, a new sculpture which fills the Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery space with a vast chronological landscape mapping pivotal shifts in human perspective over seventy-five millenia.

From the caves in Southern Africa where Homo Sapiens first left their mark, to the steps of the Swedish Parliament where Greta Thunberg began her climate strike, the locations and moments represent a personal and subjective cartography and have been chosen also to provoke dialogue and debate. The installation is named after the classical mnemonic technique, orginating in Ancient Greece, which catalogues memories within familiar locations. Es identifies the room in which significant shifts in human thinking took place and plots them within identifiable fragments of cities and buildings to create a personal atlas of the evolution of thought. Visit Es Devlin‘s page to know more about Memory Palace!

Construction: Diagon
Lead Associate Designer: Ruby Wai Yue Law

Photography by Peter Mallet


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