MERAKI, the new furniture collection by Medulum

Founded in 2017, Medulum is a contemporary furniture and design brand that was born from the desire of Diego Zanchettin to translate the manufacturing heritage of his family business in Meolo, in the Venetian backcountry, into a new and contemporary design language. In the Medulum collections, traditional woodworking meets experimentation, at the boundary between custom pieces and refined mass production.

Guided by the artistic direction of the AccardiBuccheri studio, Medulum is constantly seeking out new design languages, through synergy, constant feedback and precious collaboration with architects, designers and design studios. From this point of view, the 2022-2023 furniture collection Meraki involves some of the brand’s long-standing partners: in addition to the artistic direction, CARA \ DAVIDESerena ConfalonieriDebonademeo and Viviana Degrandi studios; it is also enhanced by new design visions from frattinifrilliNaessi StudioFilippo ProtasoniMatteo Vilardo e Marcello Marino.


Going into detail of the pieces of the Meraki collection, AccardiBuccheri, Mauro Accardi and Silvia Buccheri, architects, designers and art directors of the brand, designed Arcate, a declared homage to elements present in Venetian architecture such as Santa Fosca church, the Torcello and Murano basilicas. The volume is characterized by elements in solid wood skilfully milled with mastery of the manufacturing process, create a system of recesses and handles which mark out the surface, while remaining apparently invisible. The series consists of a seven-drawer chest, a dresser and bedside tables in different finishes: black walnut/ European walnut/ oak / black painted open-pore ash walnut.

The Tapparella furniture series, by the Milanese design studio CARA \ DAVIDE, investigates one of the most characteristic aspects of the Venetian domestic landscape: shutters, Venetian blinds. The cabinet designed by Cara Judd and Davide Gramatica thus reveals a highly unusual structure, with a strong graphic influence, influenced by and at the same time an homage to the domestic element it is inspired by. A sculptural piece of furniture in basswood and light walnut stained basswood or medium and dark walnut stained basswood.



Parvati is the name of the range of furniture created by the Milanese designer Serena Confalonieri for Medulum. The collection – available in three different variants: the Nanda cabinet, the Uma sideboard and the Aparna container – stands out for its use of woods with decisive and vivacious nuances. The woodgrain catches the eye in addition to the presence of vibrant, multi-coloured textures which hark back to the psychedelic culture of the 1960s.

A hybrid piece of furniture which aims to both fill the role of container, while also functioning as a sculptural element, the custodian of dreams and desires, it’s Astro. Designed by the Venetian design studio Debonademeo, Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo, the piece of furniture bears testament to the very high manufacturing and cabinetry skill of Medulum, applied in this case to the creation of a trunk for contemporary furnishing. The upper part of Astro is in black and European walnut while the underlying structure is in matt black painted metal.



Acquabella table is a furniture design born of the Milanese designer Viviana Degrandi‘s long investigation on the topic of water. The geometry also recalls the Roman aqueducts from which the designer borrows their arched structure and transforms it into the key detail of a table which is minimalist in form, but at the same time highly evocative. Acquabella is available in black walnut/ European walnut/ oak/ painted open-pore ash

Turno is the table designed by frattinifrilli, the Milanese designer Davide Frattini Frilli. A piece of furniture with an unmistakable identity: a solid sculptural volume lightened by rounded shapes. The table top plays with the four supporting elements with a semicircular base, compact and decisive in their plastic linearity. Turno is available in 3 different variants: fully painted/ European walnut, black walnut or oak tabletop and painted legs/ painted tabletop and European walnut, black walnut or oak legs.

For Medulum, Naessi Studio, the Roman designer duo Eleonora Carbone and Alessandro D’Angeli, designed Variations. The oak table is characterized by circular inlays that overlap and follow each other along the entire circumference of the tabletop, supported by a base which is also circular, located at the centre of the table. The ton sur ton inlays, created from intaglios of the same species, celebrate the aesthetic versatility of wood.



Milla, the sideboard designed by Milanese designer Filippo Protasoni, is a piece of furniture that weaves together the profound culture of the fabric of the Italian fashion industry and the strong manufacturing expertise which sets apart the furniture sector. A simple ribbon of natural-fibre fabric is transformed into a tactile and material decoration in perfect harmony with the smooth wood surfaces. Milla is available in black walnut/ European walnut/ painted/ oak/ Blue or ecru rigid grosgrain ribbon.

Gengè is the collection of non-mirrors created by the designers Matteo Vilardo and Marcello Marino. The piece of furniture aims to lead the observer to investigate, in a contemporary way and without any form of virtuality, the ancient theme of identity and its double. Thanks to a particular interplay of points of view, it’s only possible to scrutinise its image when looking from the right angle, while those looking from the outside will continue to see only the mask formed by the object.

Meraki is undoubtedly a collection of high craftsmanship, with an eclectic nature and a strongly evocative character. New design languages ​​for contemporary domestic landscapes only possible thanks to the synergy and collaboration between the designers and Medulum.

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Photography by Massimiliano Tuveri


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