Michael is an American art director and illustrator currently working at Grow. While he was attending school he started to spend a lot of time with 3d Studio Max, Adobe Flash, and Photoshop and after building a little portfolio, he got a design job at a small ad agency after graduating high school. “I’ve always been self directed, pursuing things I think are interesting, and that’s served me pretty well. Along the way I’ve had some great mentors who’ve helped me grow and given me opportunities professionally to achieve my goals. Each project has a story, with it’s ups and downs and lessons learned.”


“I wouldn’t say I have a main source of inspiration.” He ususally finds a lot of inspiration watching animated films, sometimes video games, but also industrial design, and architecture. “Graphic design is a big foundation of my work, and have a growing library of classic design books I collect.” The combination of all those things provide him the interest and motivation to pursue new things. “On any given week I might be into something different and pursuing a new creative project.”

Asking about his future, he wants to continue to create and try out new things – “I really enjoy learning new disciplines of design, and bringing them into my work, both professionally and personally. I always want to be seeking more daring and challenging projects that push me to break new ground. I’d certainly love to do more 3d commissions, it’s such a fun medium to work with and I have so many areas to still explore.”

If you like Michael’s work and you want to know more about it, visit his page!


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