For Michael Rakowitz (US) architecture and design are tools of infiltration, markers for the sites where fertile conflict and hybridization can occur. As a descendant of exiled Iraqi Jews living in the United States, he is interested in confronting rigid systems with those they have excluded.

The invisible enemy should never cease to exist for around his insinuations are our homes built. Our walls stand tall, ready. Never shall he steal our children, for we have turned their bones into mortar. Impossible, for him to ravage our crops, for in their burning they bake the sturdy bricks. The chains that await him, if he dares, forged with all our bile, entrails depleted. Our meals are bland, our dresses pale, for we risk drawing his wrathful eyes onto us. Our very language, lovely flowering, powered by his disgusting putrefaction. Thus we choose to remain silent, keep our tongues tucked in, rather than risk him tearing them out or confounding them. 


All Rights reserved to Michael Rakowitz

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