Modest is the name of a two floors apartment renovation in Vilnius, Žvėrynas, by YCL. The studio is an architectural collaborative based in Vilnius, Lithuania operating in the fields of architecture, interior, planning, urban space, landscape design and research projects. The company was established in 2011 and currently growing under the creative direction of the three partners.

Modest is a kind and welcoming project, an apartment where modesty takes place over the extravaganza. The space attends the owner’s daily needs and creates different mood for different occasions.
The first floor consists of a main family space, kitchen, bedroom, home office, small bathroom and utility room. While the second floor is dedicated strictly to the masters of the house with a roomy bathroom, bedroom and a terrace which offers a great view of the Žvėrynas panorama.

Bright, cozy spaces create unique quality for daily routine while the first floor became more guest, work and gathering oriented. Stair that leads to the second floor designed with a little curved wall and window to let some natural light to the dark stair area. Greyish silk like pattern envelopes all the interior and strong wooden texture on the floor enhances dreamy walk inside the apartment. A modest, earthbound and cozy home, the prefect place to rest.

Photo by Andrius Stepankevičius


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