Designed by Brazil-based Marcio Sequiera, Mola isn’t just a toy for children, it’s a tool for architects too! It comes with a few standard parts that act as the building blocks of architecture. Springs in the Mola kit act as girders, chains act as tensile cables, plate-pieces form walls or floors, and magnets help bind pieces together, whether they’re circular magnets for multiple attachments, or right-angled triangular magnets for allowing structures to retain 90° angles. The springs and cables actually let you push and prod at your models to see whether they can take any external pressure without collapsing or breaking apart.

Each Mola kit comes with a base grid, ground-connectors that give your structures stability and a foundation, and a variety of spring-bars, chain-links, plate-units, and magnetic connector pieces. You can even add your own pieces to the mix, or edit the pieces within the Mola kit, using a trimmer tool provided in the box for adjusting the length of the chain-links. Once you’ve got all the pieces ready, Mola gives you the freedom to build your creations, while also being able to test out core architectural concepts like compression, tension, trusses, structural integrity, tensegrity, damage-resistance, and load-bearing capabilities.


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