Moon Ribas is a 30-year old Spanish avant-garde artist. She has a “superpower” that is not immediately obvious because it’s the result of a surgical implant – like her longtime artistic partner Neil Harbisson, who has a color-sensing antenna permanently attached to his cranium: she has a tiny magnet near the crook of her elbow that allows her to feel all tremors and earthquakes anywhere on earth, in real time. Ribas’ subdermal implant receives data realt time from a custom iPhone app that aggregates seismic activity from geological monitors around the world. The stronger the quake, the stronger the vibration. She uses her sense to perform a dance related to the movement of the earth. To sharpen her “seismic sense”, Moon is considering getting implants on her feet so she could immediately discern where earthquakes occur in the world. Ribas and Harbisson are looking to collaborate with engineers and technologists to improve their cybernetic implants.


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