Patryk Hardziej deals with graphic design and illustration including: album covers, visual identity of cultural events, logo, books, exhibitions, as well as training and consulting in the field of design. He has worked with brands and institutions such as Amnesty International, British Airways, BMW, Costa Coffee, Coca-Cola, Mini, among others…

One of his latest project is this visual identity for architecture and visualization studio MOTIV, created in collaboration with MOTIV team, Torpedov and Piotr Swierkowski. Hardziej Studio has conducted a comprehensive rebranding. From basic elements such as graphic and visual identification to the way they communicate with customers, new templates for offers and invoices. The whole was supplemented with illustrations. Thanks to this, MOTIV has strengthened its position among the leaders in the 3D visualization industry.

Design support: Patrycja Podkościelny
Art Direction: Paweł Podwojewski, Patryk Sala
Illustrations: Patryk Hardziej

Photography by Patrycja Podkościelny


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