MUSA Intimates, sustainable lingerie made from bananas

MUSA Intimates is a Dutch sustainable lingerie brand that strives for a world in which feeling comfortable in your own skin is the new ideal of beauty. MUSA was founded by three young entrepreneurs who, fed up with the gap between supply and demand for young women’s underwear, wanted to fill this void with a new product, made of bananas:

“In our daily life, we love spending time in fashion, but we also have a great affinity in subjects such as femininity, feminism, sex, and sustainability. Put those together and search for sustainable lingerie, you get a notification saying: error. In our early twenties, we know better than anyone what it’s like to grow from girl to young woman today. In the transition from girl to woman, there are many changes within the female body. Uncertainties come into play, ignorance makes it easy to compare yourself to unrealistic images and to deal with inequality. You can carry these factors with you for a long time. Because we have experienced this ourselves, we think it is important to draw attention to this and to use MUSA intimates to spread the message: wear lingerie that makes YOU feel comfortable, and change the banana and fashion industry for the better.

​The pseudo-stems of the banana plant are the raw material, usually thrown away after harvesting. The fibers are extracted mechanically and left to dry in the sun. Then, follows a process called “degumming” which serves to remove the rubbery material from the fiber and will help to obtain a soft fabric. The modified banana fiber is now mixed with organic cotton fibers (about 40% of the total). In this way, the textile will be stronger and more suitable for lingerie. To create the textile, the yarn is woven and knitted by machines. The fabric is then dyed and embroidered to give the final touch. The product was created for a female audience between the ages of 20 and 40.

For MUSA Intimates, the most important way to break taboos is to raise topics by talking and listening to and with each other. Precisely for this reason, they are not only active on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn with questions to followers and informative posts, but they also organize offline events and discussions.

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