NANO TREE_Concept Zero

Concept Zero is a studio passionate about ferro-fluids as a high-technology art medium. They started in 2008, their goal was to create a line of desktop gadgets by adding ferrofluid in a bottle.

One of their product, purchasable online, is Nano Tree. Made of a solid Red Oak block, drill-pressed and hand-sanded to a silky smooth texture, then double-stained and sealed with a semi-gloss coating. The matching magnetic stylus is also handworked from a solid Red Oak dowel, with a drilled cavity to snuggly house the neodymium magnet. High-quality laboratory grade glass chamber is sealed with a custom-made closure to root the Nano Tree trunk in place.

A fascinating characteristic of ferrofluid is its ability to follow the grooves on a magnetized piece of metal. This is the classic, “Magnetized bolt experiment”. Blending high technology nanochemistry and old-world craftsmanship, the Nano Tree will subtly complement any living or workspace. Visit Concept Zerio page for more ferro-fluids products!


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