Leonardo Betti, AKA Leonardoworx is a talented Italian digital artist based in Florence (previously on WeVux). His studied Music and New Technologies at Conservatorio L. Cherubini in Florence and later also at Ircam and at Centre Pompidou, where he was able to find a strong and original way to express himself. As sound designer and motion graphic designer he has worked for fashion brands – Armani, to name one – and for animation studios. Commissioned by european art galleries, museums and concept stores, he also created short movies and interactive installations using Max/Msp/Jitter.

This project is called Nebula and it’s inspired by the idea that “looking at one of these is like, at the same time,watching to the future and the past, due too the light velocity and the distance between us and them” and the “we are made of stardust” manifesto. “It’s an ordered disorder guided by abstract shapes with nebulae textures in a first step. In the second one I painted my imaginary textures (always inspired by real nebulae). Looking at the universe is so inspiring and it shows how little we are in space and time dimensions.”

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