Nerdo is a multidisciplinary practice – branding, animation and storytelling – based in Turin, Italy. The studio is composed by a team of four people with “similar but different” backgrounds and a changing number of collaborators: three partners, that work as heads of the artistic direction, attended IED in Turin while the production partner is a math graduate. Everything started in the early 2000’s, when the expression “Motion Graphics” was not still there, nor youtube or social media. At that time their trainings took place over long nights spent experimenting, trying to understand and learn autonomously how to reach the international studios level (MK12, Psyop, Shylo …).




Nerdo was born from the need to fill a gap in the Italian market and create the dreams’ studio, without necessarily moving abroad. From two freelancers with two rented desks in a 3×3 meters room, the studio has grown over time; recently a series of professional figures with different characteristics became part of the team to enhance the productivity.

When the studio approaches a new project, an in-depth analysis and a correct interpretation of the customers needs are two crucial steps to understand where to take inspiration. “We look for inspiration in the world around us, in art, in nature, in everyday life…other professionals’ works often suggest different interpretations, useful to get out of the comfort zone where often, unconsciously, we move. We try always to include within our creative process a part of ourselves, to identify with what we do.”




The most important element for Nerdo are the people: harmony, “human” work rythms, physical and temporal privacy, confrontation but also laughter are key factors to ensure the free circulation of ideas and the development of design-oriented creativity. At the same time, deepen the relationship with their customers and know their background help them to understand better the brief.
Asking about softwares, Nerdo team told WeVux: “We have a controversial relationship with softwares, I would say love-hate. In fact, we believe that they are only tools, that “help” to get what you want, nothing more than a pencil and a sheet of paper. In this regard, we like to be up to date and look at new paths (for us) having fun experimenting. Each project becomes a pretext to test a new software or better mix different techniques (and softwares). Certainly there are fixed standards from which you can not escape: Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects are our daily bread, but they are not the only ones.”

The studio is already working on a global scale, as mentioned earlier, they are always looking for innovation and this brings a lot of visibility abroad too. However, moving on a global scale, the game becomes increasingly difficult and competitive. “Our projects for the future are ambitious. Since we are deeply connected to the world of animation, we will probably focus more and more on the narrative aspect. Storytelling is our true passion! We know we’ll have to roll up our sleeves and to be passionate about it: the same passion with which we started.”

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