notion is a design studio founded in 2009 by Ian Walton and Marcel Twohig, “ studio is a place where ideas are created and allowed to grow. We subscribe to the industrial design maxim of thinking-through-making. We use design to turn exploration and insight into something you can touch..”

One of their collection includes the dowel chair, a modern return of the classic windsor chair. Built with bleached irish sycamore, the seat back consists of sixteen spindles with a removable fabric cover. They recently reworked on this piece of furniture with the partnership of the hand-weaving brand Mourne Textiles:  the piece has now aluminium legs ans a series of interchangeable cushions, hand-woven by Mourne Textiles. Notion describe the philosophy behind the design as “one of quietness and calm. It is a piece that suggests succor, which belies a complexity in process and construction.”


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