Gabriel Castro (MOBIO Arquitetura), Luiza Soares, Daniel Romeiro e Flávia Soares curated the renovation of a ceramic studio in Brazil, now turned in a botanical garden and a multifunctional space. Located in the metropolitan area of ​​Belo Horizonte, Brazil, O Ateliê de Cerâmica is a design studio focused on the production of ceramic artifacts and the preservation of traditional craftsman’s methods.

Founded in 2002, the building went through interventions aimed at defining the access and occupation of the external area, expanding the store and the kitchen, and creating a coffee-shop and a multipurpose hall for exhibitions, events, brunches, pop-up stores and yoga classes.

The final renovation on 2017 was centered around the production sector located on the upper part of the building ground, where sinks and worktops were placed for shaping, glazing and storing the clay and the previous retaining wall was kept in order to facilitate the division of production areas. The kilns, connected to an exhaustion system, shelves and potter’s wheel were placed on the lower part.

In addition to being a laboratory with a furnace, the atelier sets up as a small but rich botanical garden with over 20 different plant species and a pergola of suspended plants with a central table, in order to relax and contemplate the works on display.


Photography by Reverbo

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