Clément Brazille is a French creator and designer based in Geneva. His work aims to explore the potential and limits of materials, he is especially focused on the methods of manufacture and the shaping of objects. Frequently, he is the craftsman of his own pieces and realizes an important part of his own production himself.

His latest project, Ocean Travertine, has been handcrafted from travertine stone by South Italian studio, Ateliers Romeo. Clément explored the limits of this material, apparent in the elaborate carving of the stone to thin tubes. As such, the pieces are deceptive in appearance — seemingly fragile from first glance yet boasting a high level of strength and solidity. The pairing of these features with the lightweight quality of the tubes positions the project as an innovative addition to any home. The collection comprises of consoles, coffee tables, side tables and a stone desk.


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(via ignant)

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