Malmö Upcycling Service (M.U.S.) is the collaboration between industrial designers Emilia Borgvall, Britt Jönsson and Anna Gudmundsdottir. After graduating together from Lunds University with a Master of Arts in Industrial Design they were drawn together by a mutual interest in material experimentation and an enthusiasm to work with local manufacturers and craftsmen.

They recently took waste items from six different industries in the south of Sweden to create clever design pieces. Called ‘Odds and Ends’, the project is a collection of selected design objects made from unwanted goods, with the aim of challenging widespread perceptions of waste. From laboratory glass, mirrors, sheet metal, stone and brick, the collective worked with local manufacturers to create decorative objects and household goods that work within the framework of a circular economy. Cleverly, each piece can be removed and repurposed itself; enabling a continuation of the very premise of ‘Odds and Ends’. More projects on M.U.S. page!


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