Olga de la Iglesia is an artist whose work explores fashion through primary colors and shapes, merging the language of fashion with a documentary approach. Her work aims to blur the lines between the set and real life, and her projects usually investigate into the relationship between colors and emotion.

Olga is part of a new generation of young women reshaping the art world from Barcelona. Using social media platforms to gain creative traction, and either blurring the lines between creative genres, she describes herself as an “imager”. Fashion with a documentary edge, strange still-lifes against brightly colored backgrounds, and monochromatic arrangements of ordinary objects. Her perceptive positioning of people and places illustrate her ‘outside the box’ style. She already worked with clients such as Zara, LVMH, Oysho, Mango, Monocle, among others. Visit Olga de la Iglesias website for more projects!


All images © Olga de la Iglesia

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