‘Opalina‘ is a collection of furniture that triggers the definition and use of ‘opaline’. It’s created by Cristina Celestino for Tonelli design.

The collection includes a dressing table, a writing desk, a mirror, a coat stand and a stool. Tonelli design has been manufacturing glass furniture with the hand-bonding technique for over twenty-five years. ‘Opalina’ is not just formal and aesthetic research. Celestino says: “Up to the 19th century, the word ëopalineí referred to an off-white, rose color. […] Over the centuries, the use of opaline glass became more sophisticated in terms of colour variations; however, white and pastel pink, blue, and green were the most popular during the early 20th century. With this collection for Tonelli design, the word ‘opaline’ no longer defines just ornaments and giftware, but also glass furniture.”


All Rights Reserved to Cristina Celestino and Tonelli Design

All images © Mattia Balsamini and Tonelli Design

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