Known as the “German Mini-Corvette”, Opel GT Concept 2016 is a magnificent piece of modern automotive design.

“The GT trades on a name first applied to an Opel sports car sold from 1968 to 1973. Opel says the new GT borrows only that car’s name, basic format, and lack of a proper trunk. However, like the original, the new GT features a stunningly long hood, a body wrapped tightly around the wheel openings, and a vaguely bubblelike passenger compartment. Although the GT looks cool overall, the vibrant red line running from behind the front wheel to the A-pillar, up and over the cabin, and down into the rear window is certainly unique. Ditto the bright-red front tires, which Opel says are a nod to its 1928 Motoclub 500 motorcycle’s similarly red rubber.”


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