Born at the end of 2019, ToolsForAfter is a collaborative ideas lab for what comes after, imagining The After. It’s a call to actions for designers, architects and also for everyone who has solutions, projects, creativity, models and useful tools for the new scenarios of Anthropocene Era. It is a call to utopia, to develop the imagination, to propose ideas. ToolsForAfter is a survival manual for the next transformations in the world, an atlas of solutions, a range of strategies. The TFA team is composed by: architects, designers, essayists, landscapers and students. If you want to help feel free to write them – you can find below TFA’s contacts. The STEP2 is officially started.

During STEP2 everyone is asked to choose one or more scenarios (they have 124 in total) from STEP1 and invent a project, an idea, a solution. It can be possible, probable, utopic, crazy.
You can submit old projects and create new ones, you can work on economics, designs, architectures, social issues, whatever topic you choose. The selected projects will be part of ToolsForAfter’s publications, exhibitions…(tbd)

You have time until December 30 to participate in the Tools For After’s STEP 2, read the instructions and feel free to contact TFA team to know more! Below you can find a selection of keywords from STEP1.

– Read our terms
– Choose one or more scenarios from STEP 1
– Submit a descriptive/explanatory text in PDF (max 5000 characters, spaces included) (English or Italian translation compulsory if you send the text
 in your native language)

– Submit between 5 to 10 HR photos/collages/renders/schemes in JPG (name your .jpgs  with a progressive numbering and the name of the project: 01_Name of the project, 02_Name of the project, …) (minimum resolution, 300 dpi)
– Submit Authors’/studios’ short bios (max 1000 characters, spaces included)
– You can submit old projects as long as they respond to 1 scenario from STEP 1
– You can submit projects concerning economics, architecture, social issue, local emergencies…as long as they respond to one scenario from STEP 1
– You can send a file .zip or WeTransfer (name your folder with your name/studio and title: Author/studio_project title)
– For info and submissions write to [email protected]

Lithogenesis, New Habitats, Mimesis, New Animals, New Dwellings, Body Metamorphosis, Mutualism, Unity – New Geography, New Rituals, Technology Transformation, New Communication, Deathly Waters, Men + Nature Harmony, Antarctic, Post-Capitalism, Food Oligopoly, Anthropocene Landscape, Obsolescence, New Material, New Ecosystem, Infinite Migration and so on…

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