What will be our tools for The After?
In the Anthropocene Era, what is useful to design?
These are the main questions behind the project ToolsForAfter. Inspired by the Whole Earth Catalog and Global Tools, the project is a collaborative ideas lab for what comes after. It’s a call to actions for designers, architects and also for everyone who has solutions, projects, creativity, models and useful tools for the new scenarios of Anthropocene Era. It is a call to utopia, to develop the imagination, to propose ideas. The project’s aim is to create a survival manual for the next transformations in the world, an atlas of solutions, a range of strategies.

TFA Project is divided in 2 steps: during STEP1 everyone is called to contribute by imagining one or more scenarios. These can be developed in different ways:

-A text + keywords (Limit: 3.000 characters, included spaces)
-An image + keywords (photo, drawing, rendering, paint, photomontage, collage, etc.) (Limit: none)
-A music/sound work + keywords (Limit: none)
-A video/short film + keywords (limit: 15 min)
-A theatrical text + keywords (limit: 15 min)

Each scenario will include a maximum of 10 keywords which have the function to specify its characteristics (place, context, geography, politics, environment, etc.)

At the end of this STEP 1, ToolsforAfter team will create a collection of maps of the Anthropocene scenarios to start the STEP 2. During this last step, everyone can contribute choosing a scenario (any, even more than one) and creating his/her own projects, ideas, utopias, to tackle it.

STEP1 will end the 30th of June. You have 5 days left to submit your scenario! You can write to [email protected] or visit ToolsForAfter to know more



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