Overlooking the Castle of Ourém, this modern, geometric residence is designed by Portuguese architect Filipe Saraiva as his own family home. It is inspired by the classic image of a house as drawn by a child.

Saraiva has stretched this classic shape across the main volume, finished with a wooden pergola area at the front of the property. The exterior is encased in black concrete, a “smooth integration in harmony with the landscape.” The interiors are characterized by white painted walls, punctuated by a dark wood kitchen island and a curated assortment of black furnishings. An open plan layout, with a double height kitchen and dining area overlooked by an upstairs office, create versatility in the home as a base for work and play. About this multipurpose approach to the architecture of his home, Saraiva explains: “The project consists of a house of me, for me and my family and intends to meet our functional needs, but also to satisfy a range of architectural requirements that are part of my formal and spatial imaginary, resulting from my individual and family experience.”


All Rights Reserved to Filipe Saraiva

All images © João Morgado

(via ignant)

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