PAKISTAN_Giuseppe J Cook

Giuseppe is an expert traveller that visited the whole world. WeVux will share with you some of Giuseppe’s experiences through his photo reportages. The first stop was Mali, this time our travel starts in Pakistan.

“Travelling in Pakistan means moving around a mosaic of different ethnic groups, diverse landscapes and several feelings. The different colors and shapes of the eyes, the beards, the hats, are the evidence that Pakistani people have been passing by the Subcontinent: Alexander the Great, buddhist monks, Marco Polo, the Gandahara people, the Pashtun, the Urdu, the Sindhi. From the Gulf of Bengala down in Karachi to the green hills in Swat region, ending up into the Himalayas, the country has everything a traveller would ask for, also five of the fourteen highest peaks on Planet Earth. Relationships among the different people are not always friendly and corruption, a never ending crises with India, poppy fields are just some of the issues affecting the Islamic republic, anyway, don’t miss the opportunity to be welcomed by one of the most friendly people in the world.”


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