Studio 3A is a collaborative project between three architects: Kazuya Katagiri, Luis Lopez Resendez and Marco Buderus. For the Festival des Architectures Vives in Montpellier, they presented “Paper Cloud” installation, a joint exploration of their cultures and practices. It was one of the 12 public outdoor installations on show.

The piece reflects elements of the cultural identities of each respective architect: Japan, Mexico and Germany; it is composed by 2000 laminated paper rings simply layered one on top of the other – no glue or nails were used in the process. ‘Paper Cloud’ talks about ephemerality and cultural identities. The attention for the installation color is directly related to the location where it is located, an old French courtyard. The interaction with the sunlight changes throughout the day, bringing subtle reflections of varying colour hues, in perfect harmony with the surroundings.


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