PAPERSHELL, towards a circular bio economy

Founded in 2021, PaperShell AB addresses the climate crisis through sustainable management of natural resources. The brand wants “to re-engineer kraft paper back into a more resistant version of wood”: specifically, through the new material it creates sustainable, high-tech, durable B2B components based on natural ingredients found in wood and plants.

A month ago we talked about the material by mentioning the Catifa Carta chair, the new version of Catifa 53, designed in 2001 by Lievore Altherr Molina for Arper. The chair, presented during the Milan Design Week 2024, uses a new shell made of PaperShell. At the end of its life cycle, the seat can be subjected to pyrolysis, a combustion process that takes place at low temperature and prevents the release of CO2. Through the latter, the material is converted into biochar, a type of vegetable charcoal, composed of up to 90 per cent carbon, which has the ability to effectively retain CO2.

PaperShell offers the production of B2B print-to-build components, replacing plastic, fibreglass and aluminium: the material is stronger than plastic, as versatile as fibreglass and lighter than aluminium. Areas of use include architecture, interior design, furniture, electronics and automotive.

“PaperShell aims to lead and for our clients enable the transition towards a Circular Bio Economy, aligning with global sustainability frameworks (Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), COP15, COP21, Planetary Boundaries etc) aiming for carbon net-zero objectives and beyond” says the brand.

PaperShell has ongoing collaborations with multiple large and renowned brands developing components for new and existing products. In Tibro, Sweden, they have a research and development centre and a production facility where they carry out co-development and mass production projects. To find out more about the sustainability and impact of this material, please visit their website, where you can find information and data in transparency.

The brand is part of the new, free Materials Design Map. Learn more on the brand’s website and follow PaperShell on Instagram! Photos courtesy

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