Lucas Lasnier, aka PARBO was born in Mar del Plata and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina; he’s a graphic designer and visual artist.

PARBO is one of the pioneers of Argentine street art. He threw paint on the street in 2001, experimenting first with letters and stencil graffiti. From Miami to Berlin, from Brazil to Paraguay, his detailed and colorful works are exhibited on many urban facades. Influenced by various artistic expressions as comic and American Pop Surrealism, with an abiding love for the cultures of skateboarding and heavy metal, Lucas develops amazing works characterized by vivid and bright colors, in contrast with the environment. As he writes on his website, in 2010 when he started his career, he understood the power of public spaces and their value: “The public places were a perfect place to express themselves, to be able to change in a certain way, the social unrest that people were suffering


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