Following the traces of symbols and cultural objects as they enter digital grounds and come back to the physical world transformed, the artistic practice of Chilean artist Patricia Dominguez meditates over the processes of colonization and appropriation in Latin America, with a particular preference for the horse as its sigil.

A galloping multiplied. War absorbed. Just how the gods were torn, limbs left drifting, turned to stars. Such is the tactic here, but optimized. Rituals of demographics counseled the hooves should never touch the ground. Their thunder foreclosed, hairs torn one by one by algorithms. Upon the crest a neon cross, swallowing bitter corporate mirrors. Furious breathing from the black beast, across the ages, disenfranchised mana leaking. It was a storm of greed and hatred that taught the stallion how to trample over Aymara weaving and Mapuche drums, now abandoned, a stranger lost.


All Rights reserved to Patricia Dominguez

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